Hair Moisturizer

Shandy’s Natural Whipped Cream Is an all-natural hair moisturizer. This product is based on a mixture of an old Jamaican recipe mixed with an old West African recipe. Discover how women nurtured their hair hundreds of years ago. 

Ingredients: Unrefined Expeller Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined Pressed Organic Shea Butter, and Other pressed organic oils.   





-Use the cream as a hair moisturizer by putting hair into sections and using product from root to tip, recommended for curly and dry hair. This product can be used daily.

-Use the cream as a pre-shampoo treatmentand leave on hair for 5- 15 minutes with a plastic cap before shampooing to create extra moisture that is lost through washing hair.

-Use cream on scalp by massaging product into scalp. This is recommend for itch and dry scalp  and used as a scalp treatment.

Responsibly Made in the USA

Our products are hand crafted in America by Americans. Each batch is made and inspected by a person, not a machine. 

We believe that manufacturing in the USA has many benefits such as higher quality. In addition, we believe that creating jobs at home is a responsibility of every business.


Responsible Trade - Raw Material

Our raw materials are produced by small women-owned businesses in Ghana. 
Fair trade means that there is an equitable and fair partnership between marketers in developed countries and producers in developing countries. A fair trade partnership works to provide otherwise marginalized artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work. Fair trade promotes sustainability through a variety of social business practices that advocate higher standards in regards to pay, work atmosphere and environmental protection, among others. 

Our Mission Statement

"To create the best moisturizing products that are all natural in a responsible way."


Welcome to Shandy’s Natural Whipped Cream Hair & Skin Moisturizer Store. Our products are 100% natural and are made from the finest organic ingredients. Our creams are hand crafted and whipped to perfection from unrefined cold-pressed oils. We never add any chemicals or preservatives. Our recipe is based on an old Jamaican recipe and mixed with an old West African recipe. This is how women nurtured their skin and hair hundreds of years ago. THIS IS HOW MOTHER NATURE INTENDED BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO BE. We hope that you enjoy beautifying your hair & skin. OUR PRODUCT GUARANTEE: WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL LOVE OUR PRODUCT. HOWEVER, IF YOU DO NOT ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, SHIP IT BACK AND WE WILL REFUND 100% OF YOUR MONEY (EVEN IF THE JAR IS EMPTY).